The 5 Best Tools for General House Cleaning & How to Use Them Like a Pro


We all know that the tools you use to get a task done can be the difference between ease & efficiency or added effort & frustration. To get the most out of cleaning, there are some simple tools to help get the job done the first time.

1. Paper Towels

Quality paper towels are a must have cleaning tool and a roll should be kept in the kitchen and each bathroom as well as a few in the garage. They’re perfect for emergencies, especially when you’re behind on laundry and out of kitchen rags. The fact that they’re disposable means that you can use them for cleaning up things for which you’d rather not use a rag.

2. Rags

You can never have enough rags. They are the most versatile and economically prudent of all the cleaning tools. Rags can be made from anything – old cotton t-shirts, receiving blankets, old towels. Keep the rags with the cleaning supplies and when you’re done with them, do a hot quick wash and then throw them in the dryer. This way, you’ll never run out of rags to keep all your surfaces clean.   

3. Steam Mop

Perfect for floors with a lot of traffic, a steam mop takes minimal effort to use and doesn’t require any cleaning products. You simply fill it with water, plug it in and turn it on. Once it’s steaming hot use it on all your floors and see them sparkle immediately. Safe for most floors.  

4. Dustpan and Brush

If you have ever had to pick up dirt and debris with a piece of paper or magazine after sweeping because you either don’t have a dustpan and brush or you can’t find them, then you know just how convenient and smart it is to have the pair at your disposal. For a dustpan pro hack, use it as a kind of funnel to fill up a bucket that won’t fit under the tap. Simply rest the dustpan under the tap with the handle pointing down toward the bucket. The water will flow into the dustpan, collect at the mouth of the handle and pour right into the bucket.   

5. A Power Drill Soft Pad

Surprised to see this one on the list? Scrubbing shower tile is probably one of the most undesirable cleaning projects, especially if mold has begun to appear or the soap scum is so thick you can’t scrub it off. An easy way to clean tile in the bath or shower is with a power drill. Since bathrooms need to be cleaned weekly, we recommend using your favorite scum busting products with the ease of a soft pad powered by a power drill. Since the power drill does all the work, cleaning your bathroom just got so much easier.

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