5 Simple Ways To Stay Clean During Thanksgiving


Are you getting excited for Thanksgiving dinner this year, but not so excited for the mess that comes with it? Check out our tips below to help you have a cleaner Thanksgiving! With these tips, you’ll be able to relax in a mess-free home after a lovely Thanksgiving dinner!

1) Start with a Clean Slate We all know that cleaning up the mess is one of your least favorite things about Thanksgiving! Before you start cooking your fabulous dinner, make sure your kitchen and your house are neat and organized. By starting with a cleaner environment, it’ll be much easier and faster to keep it that way during and after the festivities. When straightening up, don’t forget to use your all natural soaps and cleaners to avoid getting chemicals in the air, near food, or on heavily used surfaces. A clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen, so start your thanksgiving dinner off right with a neat and organized area!

2) Keep yourself organized Have you ever been cooking, then realized you can’t find your necessary utensils or tools? We all know how unorganized drawers and cabinets can get, so we suggest getting them as organized as possible beforehand! Only take out what tools you need and know exactly where they are before you begin! You can also keep your home cleaner in the long run by tackling organizational tasks one at a time.

3) Clean As You Go Cooking and prepping for Thanksgiving often requires a lot of time, tools, and surface area! The best way to keep these areas neat is to clean as you go. After you’re done using certain tools or materials, clean them and put them back in their proper place, so you’ll have much less to take care of after dinner! You’ll enjoy Thanksgiving a lot more knowing you’ve saved yourself a lot of time, stress, and trouble! Try it if you haven’t already! It will really help your home, especially your kitchen, stay clean and organized.

4) Thanksgiving is a family affair As my mother use to say, “the cook doesn’t clean”! But in the case of Thanksgiving dinner, it might be inevitable! Keep your home clean this Thanksgiving by making it a team effort! Ask your family, friends, and guests to help cook or clean. Assign someone to clean dishes as you’re done using them, while another can be responsible for cleaning cups, another for plates, and so on. You could even make it a fun, family competition and see who can clean up the fastest! By working together as a family and a team, you’ll be able to finish the cleaning and move on to relaxing in no time! Did you enjoy these tips? Do you think they will help you this thanksgiving? Let us know what you think. We can’t wait to hear from you!

About the author Brianna Parker is the owner of Philly Maid Green – A residential and commercial cleaning company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With our impeccable service, products, and education, we’re helping families around the city learn just how easy it is to make more sustainable, healthy choices at home! When Brianna is not working she is often traveling, reading, or biking.

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