Easy Tricks to Make Halloween Party Cleanup a Breeze


It’s finally time to throw a party for your favorite holiday, but you’re dreading the mess. That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of our favorite tricks for Halloween party cleanup so you can relax and enjoy the festivities.

Use Disposable Plates, Cups and Cutlery

For a quick, simple clean up use paper plates, cups and cutlery instead of dishes. They can be thrown away in a flash and then thrown out with the rest of the garbage so you don’t have to spend the party rinsing plates and emptying and filling the dishwasher. Disposable eating is festive as well, something your flower plates simply can’t pull off for Halloween. Get plates and cups with a spooky Halloween theme and your party’s popularity just went up a few notches.

Lots of Visible Waste Baskets

Keep waste baskets and recycle bins where guests can see them. If your bin is on the side of the house, drag it into the backyard. Have the kids make a spooky sign that designates the area as a “Soda Can Corpse Dump Site” or brainstorm other ideas to make people use the bin. If you normally keep your garbage under the kitchen sink, pull that out too. The more visible garbage receptors you have, the less likely you’ll have to pick up stray plates and cups strewn all over the house.

Send Food Home

If you have a lot of yummy leftover food and no space in the fridge, pack it up and send it home with guests. Most people are thrilled to have leftovers, especially when they didn’t have to make it. Send home extra candy, too.

Have Your Halloween Party Catered

If you really don’t want to lift a finger so you can enjoy the party along with guests, consider hiring a professional catering service that will handle everything for you. From cooking and serving the food, to cleaning up afterward, this is a sure way to keep the cleanup out of your hands.

Put Any Willing Guests to Work

We all have those friends that are always willing to jump in and help with cleaning up. Don’t turn this down. Say YES! and watch your house return to its original, sparkling clean self faster than you ever thought possible. Get the kids to help too, if you can.

Have any other tips or tricks for making the daunting task of cleaning up after a Halloween party easier and perhaps even – dare I say… – fun? Reach out to us on your favorite social network and let us know! Looking to book a professional cleaning to get that spotless clean you’ve always wanted? Browse our services and see what our team can do for you!

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