How to Make a Dusty Home a Thing of the Past


Dust is full of particles such as pollen, dead skin, mold spores and dirt that can aggravate the symptoms of allergies or asthma. Besides, a dusty house looks and feels like a dirty house. To keep your house dust-free for longer periods of time, follow these tips from the legendary Bob Vila:  

1. Doormats

Having doormats to pick up and hold onto dirt that people drag into the house on their shoes is a sure fire way to prevent dirt and dust from piling up. Also, create a rule of no shoes allowed in the house but be flexible with this for guests.   

2. Keep Pets Clean

Dogs and cats shed skin and hair, not to mention whatever they may bring in from the outside. To keep these particles from clinging to your floors and surfaces, be sure to regularly groom your pets. Also, if your cat uses a litter box, keep that fresh and clean as well.  

3. Keep the Air Out

Investing in central air and keeping the windows and doors shut keeps the outside from getting inside. The pollen and dust from the outside can create a significant amount of dust in your home so be sure all windows and doors are properly sealed as well.

4. Consider Getting Rid of Carpets

No matter how many times you vacuum, there will always be dirt and other particles in the carpet. This is a nuisance, especially for people sensitive to dust particles. The solution is to get rid of carpeting and install tile, laminate or wood floors.   

5. Wash Your Pillows

Changing your pillow cases is not enough. You need to clean your pillows as well. This can easily be done in the washing machine with a mild detergent or you can get them professionally cleaned.

6. Beat Your Rugs

If you have throw rugs, take them outside and give them a good beating. This is how people did it long before their were vacuums and it works even better. Just stand back a bit so you don’t breathe in all the dust.

Creating a dust-free home will be simple by following these six tips! 🙂

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