Grill & Outdoor Kitchen Cleaning

Fire up the grill

The time is always right for grilling… that is, if the grill is clean and ready to use. Don’t let the ghost-of-meals-passed stop you from your next chargrilled masterpiece. One call is all it takes to have your outdoor kitchen and/or grill ready for its next culinary adventure.

Using a non-toxic, kitchen safe cleaning solution, iQ Cleaning is able to remove tough build-up and grease with ease. Oftentimes, cleaning your grill means making a mess of your patio, and more; but that’s not the case with our advanced system and effective crew.

Our team of highly trained professionals will carefully remove the cooking grate, warming rack, heat plate, etc., and fully submerge them in the special solution on the iQ Cleaning van. While that’s processing, we’ll deeply clean the interior of the grill, including the hood and drip tray. Then the exterior will be cleaned and polished to perfection. Contact us today for a fast quote and get back to the grill sooner this season!

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